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In the Hole - Post Game Thread

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Chief X_Phackter
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Re: In the Hole - Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
We are actually still the 7 seed. So we do still control our own destiny.
Gibson man. That fumble. My God.
Heineke was just awful. He floated every freaking pass and was hesitant about running. Simply put He was awful.
I agree the D was not bad. Not at all actually well minus William Jackson. That guy is turning out to be a piss poor signing.

I still, for the life of me, do not understand why Ron accepted that penalty down by our goal line when it was 3-0. What is five yards in that situation? Clearly not affecting fg range (i think i used the right word there SD lol). It would have been 3rd and 5. Sure they could have picked up the first, but i want to take away the down there and force them to gain five yards instead of giving them two cracks at a TD. If it was going to be 3rd and 1 or 2 than ok back it up. But 3rd and 5? Im forcing them to either score or gain the 5 and hoping we force the fg. That bothered the shit out of me and of course they scored on their extra third down. Plus went for two. That to me was the turning point.

This team is just always slow out of the gates. Beginning of the season. Beginning of games. It is too much to ask this team to always be playing from behind. For their season , and for the games. That is a real problem imo. Especially when you are a run first team.

A wildcard is still very much there, but man they gotta be ready to go at kickoff. Enough with we will figure it out on the fly bullshit.
That is how he throws. He throws floaters literally 99.9% of the time. If there was a stat for "should have been intercepted" or "almost got my receiver killed again with the jump ball" I'm confident he'd be the league leader in both categories. Definite "gamer", and definitely not the answer at QB. The difference in arm strength and accuracy was apparent with the little time Allen had to play. He might actually be the better option down the stretch. However, if the offensive line plays like it did today, it really won't matter who the QB is.

And yes, accepting that penalty was D U M B ! ! !
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