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Heartbreak City: Redskins-Saints Postgame Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Heartbreak City: Redskins-Saints Postgame Thread

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
Every great coach that ever was came up the ranks somewhere. Just because his last name isnt a big one doesnt mean diddly. Everyone thought Pederson was a lame hire, and he has the Birds flying real high.
The next coach might be a skidmark. He also may be great but Gruden is definitely not holding the magic beans. So how long do you wait before you spin the wheel again? Gruden has been here for a while now, and i am hard pressed to think of one big game that any of his teams have won.
I think the difference is, these diamond in the rough coaches catch the eyes of a competent GM who has a sense for how a football team should be ran and coached. We have Bruce Allen. Do you really think he has an eye for talent when it comes to coaching? We know he really isn't a personnel guy when it comes to on-field talent. He relied, heavily, on Scot McCloughan's draft board this past spring if that tells you anything.

And let's face it, the way we hire and handle the coaching staff is a convoluted sort of way. Shanahan had a little more power with his coaching staff, but Gruden hasn't. He didn't really get to pick who his coaches were going to be - especially on the defensive side of the ball. That staff was already there. Likewise, it wasn't him firing Joe Barry and the other position coaches, that came from Bruce Allen. Gruden has no power with coaching personnel, and that's screwed up.

What I'm saying is, we need a competent GM who knows how to run the football operations side of everything, and we need him (alone) to evaluate the head coach and determine who would be the best fit, and then hire that guy and let that guy hire his assistants. Bruce Allen wants to pick the head coaches' coaching staff and have it in place before the head coach has a say in anything, and how is that a recipe for success?
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Re: Heartbreak City: Redskins-Saints Postgame Thread

Nice wrap up of the game here lol.
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