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Election Day Thread - Nov. 3, 2020

Debating with the enemy

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Re: Election Day Thread - Nov. 3, 2020

Originally Posted by nonniey View Post
Incorrect in most of Europe abortions only for serious life threatening reasons or non-viability of the fetus are permitted after 12-18 weeks (depending on the country) elective abortions after the designated limit are illegal. I guess you somewhat say this as well when you said "if needed." That would be the same as what Youngkin was pushing.

BTW I think I know where you got your DATA - was it from here? -


It's a bit deceptive (probably for US political considerations)

"In the European Union (EU)
almost every country has
legalized abortion on request
or on broad social grounds."

(Until 12-18 Weeks) - is what they leave out until a few paragraphs down

"Some ( Actually most) )European countriesí laws
set the time limit for abortion on
request or broad social grounds
between 18-24 weeks (actually between 12-18 weeks in most ) of pregnancy,
whereas many set the limit around
the first trimester of pregnancy.
However, all these countriesí laws
also allow access later in pregnancy
in specific circumstances, such as
where a womanís health or life is
at risk (This is the serious health /fetus nonviability bit). The standard practice across
Europe is to not impose time limits
on these grounds.....?

Again, Youngkin wanted to establish abortion policy in line with what most of Europe (Actually most of the world with very few exceptions) has.
I saw that resource but don't take a singular source as gospel. I also found that a woman can get an abortion due to changes in mental health and changes in economic status after the legal time limit. Many of the countries also start the time to an abortion after the time in which the pregnancy was identified and not retroactively like the US laws or proposed laws. Regardless US labor laws and health care quality make it a challenge for lower economic status women to get an abortion until that is rectified I can't see wide support.
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