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Birds Post game (Redskins 24 Cardinals 6)

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Birds Post game (Redskins 24 Cardinals 6)

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
Thats certainly not what i was trying to say. I loved the grest team win, but its true that the first few weeks of every season has a bit of fools gold for some teams.

I wasnít singling you out, just the vibe in general from the fan base on social media. It was easily the most dominant win since Oakland last year and the reaction by some has been lukewarm at best. I get it, itís one game. But another win like that this week would definitely wake people up.
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Re: Birds Post game (Redskins 24 Cardinals 6)

I was more impressed by how we won than the win itself. Ball control, run the ball...control line of scrimmage. Say what u will, that wins Super Bowls..flashy shit doesnít. Thatís why I think the rams may have a hard time
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