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The Buttery Males Thread

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Re: The Buttery Males Thread

Originally Posted by Dlyne8r View Post
Never was a fan of Jon Gruden and def do not condone his actions but let’s be fair. Now that it appears to be open season on practically everyone’s privacy let’s take a look at the players and other team staff’s emails. Do you believe for a second they haven’t made racist and inflammatory comments? Just seems to be a double standard being practiced on so many fronts. Again, what he did was dead wrong but what about everyone else (including Snyder & company)?
100% believe Gruden is just the fall guy on this, I'm sure everybody involved would rather avoid the spotlight if possible.

But seriously, anyone who has a company email should know from day one anything you send can come back on you later. Can't believe these idiots thought they could maintain privacy on a company email.
Hail to the Football Team
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