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Problem with posts or censorship?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Problem with posts or censorship?

Not only does confirmation bias clearly exist...the sampling is a big if not huge issue.

Your quote here sums up my feeling

Native Americans face real challenges and inequities in our society. I'm just not sure that the use of Native American sports mascots is a cause

Of course it’s not, mascots aren’t even on the spectrum of issue within the native Americans communities. But these people who conduct these studies with the outcome determined...they don’t want to honest discussions. That turns into holding people within that community responsible.

My problem with the Redskins is I just wish Dan and Company would have Partnered stronger with NA and should have been more vocal about the challenges that they face and what could be done to make real change. Dan just seemed to write a check. Missed opportunity
The League Done Messed Up
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Re: Problem with posts or censorship?

Originally Posted by OmahaRedskins View Post
I am not taking sides in this but I have never seen anyone use "Redskins" as a slur. I have seen many people use "Chief" negatively. I have a co-worker that uses it when someone disagrees with him. Ok "Chief" or Whatever "Chief"

My issue with the name change is the meaning of words changes throughout history. For many years now, the word Redskins true meaning was the football team in Washington.

Example - Bad meant bad - then it meant good. This stuff changes all the time. Look at Cracker: it was a slur, then became a Grunge band in the '90s, now it is the tools to perform cracking, but to me is best with cheese.
Thank you. Your experience with the usages of "redskin" and "chief" is the same as mine.
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Re: Problem with posts or censorship?

Originally Posted by 911 freedom fighter View Post
Why are you calling me a camp scrub? That is racist against new posters!!!

Let’s take it to the teepee, just remember don’t urinate over all of it.
You're the worst kind of troll. Usually you guys come with some entertainment value but you don't even offer that.

I pity you and everybody who unfortunately knows you in real life.
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Re: Problem with posts or censorship?

....DISCLAIMER: All of my posts/threads are my expressed typed opinion and the reader is not to assume these comments are absolute fact, law, or truth unless otherwise stated in said post/thread.
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Problem with posts or censorship?

Poster, “911 Freedom Fighter” must have been in the military and deployed to fight the bad guys in AFGHANISTAN or Iraq or Syria . If he did I salute him. If he didn’t he loses points with me for being a “wanna-bee”, but maybe even a poser?.

For myself, over the last 20 years, as the team has gone downhill, I’ve called them the
DEADSKINS or worse, FAR MORE than I called them the Redskins. They’ll probably have a few down games in the future and their RED WOLVES names will morph into the Dead wolves or DEAD DOGS or Dead puppies or whatever. Lol.

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