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Adrian Peterson cut

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Adrian Peterson cut

Originally Posted by Pervis_Griffith View Post
That thought crossed my mind too, but I don't think so, because as you point out, it was several years ago. And .... the fact that RR was so quick to point to how great it was having him in the locker room around the young backs.

It's hard to say on one hand you love the locker room presence of a guy, and then on the other, say you are establishing a different culture for your team citing a years-ago transgression for the same guy as a small part of why you are letting him go.
Ahh. I didnt hear/read RR saying that. My theory doesn't make a ton of sense then. RR seems like the type to not pull any punches and tell it like it is..hes a straight shooter, with upper management written all over him.
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Re: Adrian Peterson cut

To borrow a term from legendary coach Bill Parcells, Peterson was ultimately a "progress-stopper": a veteran player with limited upside who was blocking the path for prospects who needed a chance. Ron Rivera needs to see who's part of the future and who isn't.
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