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Redskins @ Cards gameday thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskins @ Cards gameday thread

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Eh, last year's team would have lost that game to the Eagles. Again, our team can't beat a good talented team like Arizona. People need to start giving AZ credit period.

We're rebuilding, time to move on to the next game.

The Eagles O line this year as opposed to last is minus like three pro bowlers. It went from being arguably the best to arguably the worst o line in football because of injuries. I think last years team holds their 17-0 lead if the o line was the current version.
Arizona is very good. They got a stud quarterback, good oline, great weapons, and a solid defense.

We have a good wr and solid d line. Lol. Our secondary, oline, quarterback, middle linebackers, and tight end all need upgrades.
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Redskins @ Cards gameday thread

We are rebuilding - playing many rookies and one season vets. Regardless of the Cardinals last season record, they are VERY GOOD now.

We were outclassed in every phase of the game. We’ll be lucky to be a .500 team, but Rivera is using this season to see what he has. I believe they’ll be trying out FA every week to try them out. We’ll get some good or even average players to replace those that are clearly deficient. Like Aptke or Christian.

But there are GOOD players to be happy about: both Gibson AND McKissic shined at RB and showed why AP was let go. Both those guys did very well, even when there was no obvious holes! Together they will keep each other with fresh legs. McLaurin AND Steve Sims were a good tandem (except Sim’s fumble on a return). However, beyond them the WR group is thin.TE really didn’t help much either, although they had some catches.

I think Scott Turner must try to keep a fast tempo for the offense. When he kept the pace quick and fairly short, the offense moved quickly down the field. Overall, I think they ran too much when we were so far behind.

Del Rio didn’t have a good answer to Murray. I thought there would be a “spy” player assigned to him. Maybe there was one I just didn’t see. But even at the end of the game he was still making good runs with his legs. He’ll need to get an answer for that elite type of running / passing QB.

Could have been better, but the Cardinals are a playoff-bound team with a LOT of TALENT. Time to look forward to the next game. Keep searching for players out there in FA. We have a lot of holes.

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Re: Redskins @ Cards gameday thread

I really don't think anyone here realistically thought we were good after last week. It's always just lol beating the Eagles.

We aren't going to be good this year. We need a perfect draft and FA period.

Hats off to the Cardinals though, they're a good football team.
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