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Redskins record last year and this year

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskins record last year and this year

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Itís not an excuse to say weíve been crippled by injuries the past two years. Two QBs break their legs? How many guards did we go through? Itís not quite as easy to say stop bringing in injury prone guys. Itís football, everyone at this level has had injuries.

We do need to examine everything we do from mini camps through the regular season when it comes to strength and conditioning. Obviously something isnít right when itís been this significant of an issue for 2 years.

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Guard is on the front office for going into the season w/ Arie as a starter, a player they cut and Buffalo cut. There should have been someone else besides injury prone Lauvao. Apkie was a turrible pick, should have grabbed a young guard. I already mentioned Richardson.

The two broken legs is bad luck but they also should have a young guy in the pipeline. Especially with Cousins on 1 year deals, Smith being in his 30's, Colt being in his 30's and injury prone.

Our FO sucks.
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Re: Redskins record last year and this year

I'd say 9-7

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