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Ron Rivera

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Re: Ron Rivera

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Howell will be Rons 8th different starting QB in 3 years

Really wish we figured out a QB1. He tried to get Stafford and Wilson but they didnt want to come here. Left to pick btw Wentz or Mayfield or Trubisky or Heinike

Ron is a good head coach and leader of men, I think Scott Turner is a good OC and I think JDR proved capable more often than not.

With no QB1, best case scenario is .500 and sniffing playoffs.

Colts (4-11), Panthers (6-10), Falcons (6-10), Seahawks (8-8), Steelers (8-8) ... about where you end up with a decent roster but no QB1

Ron certainly deserves A LOT better than what is being said about him on here and throughout the DMV

Some really short sighted knee jerk reaction comments, frustrating bc I know some yall follow the team close, followed this offseason close ... but act like Ron had any choice of QB in the league and passed on Mahomes to pick Wentz.

It was Wentz or Trubisky ... or tank w Heinike but Ron doesnt tank, and players play and respect Ron bc Ron doesnt tank.

Ron is better than we deserved and we are spitting on the mans back as he leaves bc he couldnt wave his magic wand and make a competent QB appear under our christmas tree
I think RR has done a good job with the hand he was dealt with.

He is a average coach in the NFL , look at his record, he has been around long enough to know what he is.

If he is released/fired see how quickly someone else picks him up , that will be the telling sign of his worth.
When life gives you paper jams, turn them into paper footballs!
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Re: Ron Rivera

This is from Barry Svrluga's article in today's Wash Post. Ron's a below mediocre coach.

Rivera’s dozen seasons have ended with a winning record just three times, a 25 percent rate. No one who has coached more games has a lower rate of winning seasons — though Sam Wyche, who took the Cincinnati Bengals to a Super Bowl and later coached in Tampa Bay, also went three for 12. Lovie Smith, Lou Saban, Jon Gruden, Norv Turner, Marvin Lewis, Weeb Ewbank and Jeff Fisher all coached more games than Rivera and won a lower percentage of them. But all seven of those coaches posted winning records more often.
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