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Around the NFL week 9

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Re: Around the NFL week 9

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
W/ all of the injuries to QB's Wentz finally gets a call. It goes to show just how far that guy has fallen. Josh Dobbs is more highly regarded than Wentz. Still can't believe Ron signed him. That alone should have gotten him fired.
Follow up by the Cleveland game decision
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Re: Around the NFL week 9

Originally Posted by SolidSnake84 View Post
Dan wanted Wentz. I didn't believe it for a second when Ron tried to say 100% it was his signing and something he wanted himself.

Because if that is true, then it is just another reason to show Ron is clueless and is a horrible talent evaluator. Wentz was on the scrap heap, 100% washed up and done at the time Ron signed him.
Yup, Wentz was Danny's last middle finger to this team. I think this happened when Dan was supposed to be in a self-imposed "suspension" but we all know that was BS.

In addition to all the financial mess Snyder left, he was pretty much responsible for both the Haskins draft and Wentz.
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Re: Around the NFL week 9

I know this is a week 10 post, but I have to say Tez looks lame in that Creamsicle uni, along with the other 52. Címon Bears, you can still lose this

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