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Sam Howell Traded

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Old 03-20-2024, 04:16 PM   #91
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
I think the biggest thing w/ a lot of fans is they think the book is written on a guy after a short sample size. The same comments about Kirk are pretty similar to Sam. Not saying he can or will turn out to be as good as Kirk has been, which is a top half of the league starter, but he is still a young QB. Kirk got a long enough leash to play through his ups and downs. I can't think of a worse situation for a QB then the one Sam was in.

When Sam was dealing everyone here said " we got our guy" .. well except jamf..
Schneider saw the value and potential. Isn't he one of the best GM's around?

If Daniels or Maye puts up Sam's numbers most would be ok w/ it.
If Maye or Daniels leads the league in INTs and sacks given up I guarantee a lot of people will not be ok with it.
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Old 03-22-2024, 11:59 PM   #92
You did WHAT?!?
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Titans get LaJarius Snead for a 3rd and a 7th pick swap

Shameless self-promotion. It is what it is.
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Old 03-22-2024, 11:59 PM   #93
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Good luck Sam as hope you will be treated better in Seattle!
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Old 03-23-2024, 12:13 AM   #94
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Originally Posted by EARTHQUAKE2689 View Post
Titans get LaJarius Snead for a 3rd and a 7th pick swap

And a lot of cash. But still, not a lot of draft capital gained there.

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Old 04-11-2024, 01:51 PM   #95
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Originally Posted by mredskins View Post
we are all arm chair QBs

Adam Peters is a professional and one the best at his job

Adam decide to trade SH for basically a wash or slight upgrade and the only team to draft him was us in the 5th round by a notoriously bad talent evaluator in RR

that is all you need to know about SH chances of being a franchise QB; he will be a solid back up for yaers and honestly that is pretty damn good for a 5th rounder
Who does number 2 work for?
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Old 04-11-2024, 02:07 PM   #96
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
Agreed. Sam is who he is and it won't change regardless of the situation he finds himself in.
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Old 04-12-2024, 08:48 PM   #97
punch it in
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

I think it is foolish to say the guy will never be a starter in the league, or he is who he is. He played for an absolute joke of a coaching staff and had an absolute joke of a team around him. Peters traded Sam because of this particular draft class of quarterbacks coming out, and because we have the number two pick. Doesnít take a genius to figure out we are in line to draft an extremely highly regarded quarterback. Like I said before I hope Sam becomes the second best quarterback in the league behind whoever we take at number 2 named Jayden Daniels.
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Old 04-12-2024, 11:34 PM   #98
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Let him go buddy. Itís time.
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Old 04-13-2024, 11:48 AM   #99
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

He'll be fine and he will take the starting job from Geno within 2 seasons max and next time we play he will whip our ass. .....

Would be a guarantee the last 20+ years. The newly found optimism for our franchise says otherwsie I'm happy to say. Here's to hoping!

Oh but that part about sam being fine and getting a starting job still remains what I believe will happen.
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Old 04-23-2024, 04:50 PM   #100
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Re: Sam Howell Traded

Wishing Howell the best, I think he's a baller and just needed more coaching and protection. I'll be rooting for him!
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