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How Long Will Jay Gruden Last This Season as Head Coach?

Redskins Locker Room

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How Long Will Jay Gruden Last This Season as Head Coach?

Since I started this thread, perhaps I should end it. The consensus of most sports writers is that the firing of Jay Gruden should have happened after last season. He was forced to play and coach on a game-by-game basis instead of having an overall strategy for the season.

After listening to Bruce Allen it is clear to me that Dan Snyder NOR Bruce Allen DO NOT have an overall strategy or plan for the team except to “WIN NOW”. By not recognizing that the team needs to change its corporate culture, the team REGARDLESS of who is HEAD COACH, is just doomed for failure. Dan Snyder nor his lackey BA seems capable of learning from their mistakes or failures.

Jay Gruden joins and ever growing list of Redskin HC, who failed to thrive here. Dan Snyder simply does not understand that HE HIMSELF is the main reason for all the HC’s failing over the last 20 years. He may find a promising HC for next season from outside the organization, or more likely from within it (such as O’Connell) but they too will fail, because Snyder will continue to exert control of the team either directly or through the use of his lackey, Team President, Bruce Allen. Allen may be the most delusional leader since the Iraqi General who said the American’s weren’t in Baghdad. After we go, 1-15, Allen won’t be able to say, “damn-good” team culture. “One player away from the playoffs”.

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