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Redskinsí popularity wanes - PFT

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Redskinsí popularity wanes - PFT

Attedance for what exactly?
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Re: Redskinsí popularity wanes - PFT

Originally Posted by GusFrerotte View Post
When the Steelers are seeing a drop, you know it is more than the state of the franchise in keeping folks away. Folks are not going to spend gas $$$$$$$$$ or any other $$$$ for concessions, etc like Matty and the others have said. You have diehard Skins fans in W VA, PA, NC, all over VA and MD. THink they are going to watch a practice at almost $4 a gallon, plus food and drink? I still have family in MD in LaVale, Columbia, and then Germantown. Close enough to make a go for it, but still would be an expensive trip, just to see a practice. The lockout had to have an effect on the down attendance all over the NFL. The perception is a bunch of overpaid players vs a bunch of greedy owners, all fighting for a bloated pot of gold, while the fans are getting shafted with increasing ticket prices, and ludicrous food and drink prices at the stadiums. Believe me, if we slip into a deep recession, it is going to get bad during the regular season. A guy with a family of 4-5 is going to cough up half or more of a paycheck just to take his family to a game? I doubt it. You will see that 4-5 year waiting list for Skins season tickets evaporate real fast!!!

I am with you until the very end...

That 4-5 year waiting list for Skins' season tickets was never there in the first place. The urban legend about tens of thousands of fans on the waiting list evaporated when the skins moved from RFK (55K seating capacity) to Fed Ex (seating capacity at the time 81K) and could not come close to selling all the extra seats even though they supposedly had 50 - 100 thousand rabid lifelong Redskins' fans on that "waiting list".

The fact that they could not sell those 10,000 seats they are removing from FedEx with their putative waiting list last year - - in addition to cold calling fans in the area like me who were definitely NEVER on any waiting list - - says that the names on the list must include ones like:

Clark Kent
Art Vandelay
Mr. Snuffleupugus
Ben Dover - - and - -
Hugh Jass
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Re: Redskinsí popularity wanes - PFT

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
A friday night game? That's incredible.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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