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Chris Cooley/Fred Davis

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Chris Cooley/Fred Davis

I honestly can't believe trade talk involving Cooley is even going on. He has been one of the top TE in the NFL since he came into the league. He had a few injuries, but he has been an extremely good Redskins. And since when is 30 old?? I believe he can be a top TE for the next 4 to 5 years. There isn't any structural damage to his knee, so that is a plus. He'll be fine. I think we are fortunate to have two very good TE. They are good enough that defenses have to pay attention to them as viable receiving threats, no matter who is in the game.

Trade cooley??? really
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Re: Chris Cooley/Fred Davis

if anyone thinks we are trading cooley, they are nutz.
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Re: Chris Cooley/Fred Davis

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
I don't know about that since Davis had nearly 700 yards in just 9 starts. The only knock on him is his blocking is all but then again Cooley is no prize at that either...now Witten, that mofo can be a starting gaurd in the league.
Davis has a nice chunk of yards. Heck I like Davis.
But how many clutch 3rd down receptions in traffic will he make?
Cooleys clutch. How bout Davis?

Like I said I like Davis id love to keep him & CC both.. figure out how to utilize both and design play schemes around it but I just don't see us having both after this season.
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Re: Chris Cooley/Fred Davis

Originally Posted by tryfuhl View Post
I'm not saying trade Cooley now, just it's not to soon to put Davis in and make it his job to lose, with the weight loss and speed increase they should find ways to get him.time at TE, WR, and maybe out of the backfield
One of the "knocks" on Fred Davis back in 2008 was that he could not learn his assignments quickly and that is why he saw limited action then. That was in the far more "vanilla" offense of the Zorn Era. It seems after three years in the league he is better at route running and blocking and that sort of thing.

Now you are suggesting that he try to learn assignments at WR and ouut of the backfield - - in addition to retaining the ones at TE. Maybe that would work - -but might it take a while for him to be sufficiently reliable at those poisitions that the 2011 season would pass by?
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