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Why moving on from Bruce Allen this year is pivotal to the future of the franchise.

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Why moving on from Bruce Allen this year is pivotal to the future of the franchise.

We are at another poignant moment in the Snyder owned Skins as we sink to 0-3 with more drama than most franchises with the only remaining holdout situation and a first round QB sitting on the bench while other rookie QB flourish on the field.

Typical Skins in a Snyder-Bruce Allen era.

Snyder isnít going anywhere but could it be time for Allen to be fired? Itís the perfect time for Bruce to go as we are actually in a good position to reset the franchise.

1. The coaching staff is about to be turned over, A new GM will get to influence immediately the direction of field strategy and scheme. A young Offensive mind, a young Defensive mind, a college level coach, an experienced coordinator, a previous coach retread...this is the most important decision coming this offseason. Gruden was a Tampa-safe pick Bruce special which failed.

2. We have young talent at WR, QB, D-line, LB, and other pockets all over the field. Experienced kickers on special teams. The teamís talent isnít bad and the depth is decent.

3. We are about to turnover aging vets and a swell of cap space is coming available next year. VD, CT, Colt, Case...contracts are up. Kerrigan has no guaranteed money after this year on his contract. Reed, AP, Norman, TW and Moses all contracts have limited guaranteed contracts and are all in play to cut and move on from. Even with Alex Smith cap hit, we could have some of the biggest cap space in the league if cuts happen....And they def should.

4. A new voice is needed for the fans. Goes without saying...ratings, attendance all time lows for the Org. We donít want old Skins walking around, talking about the glory years...fuck that noise. We need a plan for the future and we need to move away from the past. A new GM could deliver a vision...or even develop a culture.

5. We need a GM who players can trust. If we donít trade TW and he sits or reluctantly returns...We need a GM who can fix this issue fairly quick. I could see a situation where a new GM comes in, smooths over and extends the best Tackle in the game. It wouldnít be the worst thing. Also, extending Scherff should be a top priority. But a new GM who can build stronger relationships with our players could change culture.

I think things could change quickly if a new GM comes in and Bruce is fired. Itís our most important decision Snyder makes this year and he needs to do it now.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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