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Democratic Primary Push for White House

Debating with the enemy

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Democratic Primary Push for White House

Fun starts tonight...25 morons whose policy ideas tend to be free stuff for everyone with zero reasonable plans to pay for it. Let illegals in and give them free stuff. Rampant anti Semitic ideas. Raise taxes on everyone. More Obama-like health care lie which has been an absolute failure.

Couple things about candidates

Bernie...I respect the man even though it’s proven he’s a Marxist. But I appreciate his ability to disagree and present his ideas in a respectful fashion. He shows a lot of courage.

Warren is a absolute socialist who lied about being an Indian in order to advance her self in school and in her career. Proven liar.

Beto is a favorite because he is generally a moron who married money and a piece of hot ass. Was a typical cool stoner kid in high school and college, who I probably smoked a joint with at some point.

Kamala Harris...love to bone her, She’s hot. Probably my fav with some of her policy.

Biden- apologist loser. He’s probably gonna win it all....I love the fact everyone has a problem now with him after he was the vp. Your gonna have to explain your hate for the guy while you looked the other way for his past garbage.

Mayor Pete - trash loser. His proposals are laughable garbage. Hes gonna get bent over and he’ll probably enjoy it.

Should be entertaining!
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