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Chaos at the Capitol: New thread edition

Debating with the enemy

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Hug Anne Spyder
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Re: Chaos at the Capitol: New thread edition

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
“No Lie with BTC”….someone with a handle like that you should always expect lie or deception

When the January 6th Committee engaged in political theater to harass an American hero, General Flynn availed himself of his constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment, upon the advice of counsel," Binnall said in a statement to CBS News. "That he chose not to dignify their absurd questions and baseless conspiracy theories with a response was necessary to combat yet another political witch hunt. America's founders had the foresight to write the Fifth Amendment for [situations] just like this one."

Flynn gave the fifth for the entire interview, every question. No Lie with BetaTC knows this and knows his tribe are too dumb to highlight the context.

Let me tap the sign:

I’m sorry the Constitution is happening to you

I didn't think it was possible but you are out here doing miracle work.

You're just as dedicated a soldier as any of them. It's unfortunate they are making beaucoup dollars for their efforts and you aren't.
Hail to the Football Team
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