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Warpath Myth vs. Reality


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Warpath Myth vs. Reality

Lately there have been some amazingly ignorant assumptions about this site and the administrative decisions made by the moderators.

So let's clear some things up.

Myth: You cannot speak your mind and are "absolutely in no way allowed to question anything that has to do with the Redskins. If you dont drink the Kool-aid you're an idiot who has no idea what your talking about

Reality: First of all, the idea that you cannot speak your mind on this site and must agree to everything the "Kool-Aid drinkers" say is preposterous. As has been pointed out in the past, the mods themselves are not all of one opinion. We disagree amongst ourselves all the time, in the public forums and behind the scenes. The above myth is absurd and if that's the mentality any of you have, you clearly have no concept of what this site is about and are better off going someplace else.

Myth: Disagreeing with a moderator about the Redskins will get you banned

Reality: Speaking for myself, I don't hide the fact that I try to think in an optimistic/positive light (Though I'm not naive to the issues surrounding the team, its coaches, its players). This has led to my thoughts and observations often clashing with those of some others here, such as: GMSCud, 70Chip, Htownskinsfan. But ask any of them if I have ever threatened to ban them for disagreeing with me on a post or thread.

The mods do not censor anyone from speaking their mind, so long as they speak it intelligently.

Which leads to the next point. A reminder of Guideline #6 and the role of the moderators


We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable and informed member base at this site. We want to stress that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if you want to be taken seriously you must back up your opinions with some original thought, facts/stats, etc. Think before you post, take pride in your post.

If the moderators find that you aren't adding much value to the forums with your postings, your thread may be deleted or closed, and you may be subject to a temporary or permanent removal from the forums at our discretion. Remember, we value quality over quantity here. Don't get caught up with how many posts you have.
I understand emotions run high and we inevitably throw in a nonsensical thread. But then it becomes two, then three, then four. And then we start to get into these heated West Side Story like gang wars between two extremes. The "we are perfect's" vs. the "we don't deserve to live's." And we really start to lose sight of taking pride in our posts, valuing quality over quantity, being knowledgeable and informed. And understand that the last part doesn't mean you're here to tell everyone how knowledgeable you are, it's to share information and ideas with your fellow members and become more knowledgeable yourself. Again, if the mentality you have is that you are simply here to speak of how "knowledgeable" you are then you clearly have no concept of what this site is about and are better off going someplace else.

Finally, let's all understand the goal laid out by Matty when he created this site: "To provide the fans of the Washington Redskins with a unique fan perspective with knowledgeable and respectful discussions on our message boards.


I hope this clears up (and it seems like we have to have threads like these every other month) any misconceptions/questions anyone has had.

Matty, fellow ThunderMods, anything you want to add?
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