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i do'nt hold making mistakes on the field against tobc,but i absolutley blame the discipline problems on him.he also did not put in the work hours he should during the season it takes to run an nfl team either.when you let the players run the team,and you are'nt willing to work harder to help the team win yourself you lose more than win.if he would have cracked down on the players harder and put in the hours at redskin park,the skins would have been a lot more successful.when you are head coach,you and nobody else are responsible for wins and losses.not the players,or assisstants,you because you did not do your job well enough.spurrier was great in college because he could intimidate the college kids he coached.in the nfl he could not intimidate the players.that is one of the reasons he stunk in the nfl and ruled in college.
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Originally Posted by Gmanc711
Do you think Spurrier could have success in the NFL as a O.C? I doubt he'd even get the chance now, but do you think if he was, he could have success?
Not unless he could figure out how to protect the QB.
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Originally Posted by johnnyredskin63
i would be happier than a frog on a lilly pad myself.
gotta love that quote......
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JohnnyRed, I will admit that Spurrier needed to put in more time and crack down on discipline. However, if he could do those two, I think he'd be a good head coach in the NFL. He knows football and he could run a high octane team. His system needs a little tweaking, but I think it can work. I think a mobile QB would help him a lot.
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