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Nascar 2013

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Re: Nascar 2013

Originally Posted by Monkeydad View Post

Kyle's aggressive and has had run-ins but that doesn't bother me.

Denny...what has he done? I bet Smoot is just a UPS fan. He likes what brown does for him.

Tony Stewart is the one that's easy to hate. I've actually seen him in action at a local dirt track and everything people like to say about his attitude and massive ego is true. He's the least fan-friendly driver I've encountered by far.

Usually, a big NASCAR name coming to a little, local sprint car track would be something the fans would be excited about. The whole place was rooting against him that night.
As a very casual NASCAR fan, Tony Stewart is my favorite driver.

And by "very casual", I mean that I only know the most popular drivers and don't really even follow the sport until the Chase.
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Buffalo Bob
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Re: Nascar 2013

I haven't been in the pit or garage area pre race Nascar since 1988 the last race at Riverside International in California. When they built the California Speedway in Fontana 1996 I started going to the track with mixed groups a couple times a year so it wasn't hang out all weekend in the infield in a motor home with the boys. So I now can only judge what I know about the drivers from TV interviews and the announcers. I know a lot of guys act way different when the cameras are rolling. Used to go to Orange County International Raceway (Drag Racing it closed in 1983) Don "the Snake" Prudhome
would alternate between cussing and screaming at his pit crew or flirting with groupies in between runs. The guy had no use for any fan that didn't look like a super model and treated his crew like crap. He had barriers around his crew and car and signaled security on who to let in, you could tell the dude thought he was king of the world.
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