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Stanley Caps

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Re: Stanley Caps

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
When Oshie went out...got that sinking feeling.
I started getting that bad feeling when they said Kempny tore his hamstring. He was such an underrated pickup as a true stay-at-home defenseman that it really shored up our d-pairings, and they never were able to adequately replace him. And then losing Oshie on top of that, Oshie was our 2nd leading scorer in the regular season.

Really I felt like they took their foot off the gas when they went up 2-0 and 3-1 last night. Other than 2018 that's been a real tendency over the years, teams score quick goals on the Caps after the Caps score because they lose that sense of urgency. When they scored the shorty yesterday (with a real lack of hustle on Kuzy's part) I felt like I knew how it was going to end. And in OT they had no energy whatsoever, it was like they just kept delaying the inevitable.

Go Sharks now, they're a similar mold to the Caps in that they have a rep as great regular season team that always underachieves in the playoffs.
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Re: Stanley Caps

Yeah for me it was Kempny too. His loss really exposed the defense as they learned new pairings. The thing that stinks is I really don't see a team left in the East that is scary. If the Caps beat Canes I think they are back in finals. I also think a wild card team will represent the East this year.
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