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NFL to Stop Race Norming

Debating with the enemy

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NFL to Stop Race Norming


You present a list of numbers that suggest race plays a role in IQ and is genetic. However, you do not provide any evidence to support your claim. You will not get an argument from me on the latter point. However, you disingenuously leave out that IQ is also manipulated by environmental norms. A quick look at the data shows us that everything from cultural upbringing to exposure to lead paint can alter an individual IQ.





However, when we look at the norms utilized by the NFL from 30 years ago in the 1990s we see that they donít take into account these environmental variables. A black athlete raised in mix race house exposed to a wider variety of cultural norms is far more likely to have a higher IQ than a white athlete raised in foster care. Yet that white athlete would have perceived higher cognitive functioning lending favor to them a payout the other athlete wouldnít receive.

Letís take a look at IQ as a basis for brain function testing. Once again you provide the IQ test as the basis for keeping these racial norms. As if there is a clear delineation. Yet a quick vertical research shows us once again. That when it comes to IQ tests there is a huge gap between what it is intended to measure and what it actual does as well as significant misinterpretation of the data due to flaws in testing.



Yet once again we see the NFL ignores this evidence and was maintaining 30 year old standards. So is the IQ a viable metric for brain function? It certainly has itís merits in cognitive function if baseline data is applied to the individual, yet since the 1990s development of technology allows us to get a far more thorough evaluation of the brain than exclusively cognitive function.




When we look at that research on metrics of brain function via a quick vertical searching method, we see that IQ does not resonate as a metric used by professionals studying brain health. Why should we then subjugate ourselves to using for economical reasons. We know these improved methods are used currently by the NFL perhaps it is time for the NFL and the NFLPA to come to agreement on how to use them.

Lastly let us look at race as this genetic emblem that impacts IQ. You give distinct data points as to the average ranges of IQ based on race. When we look at American genetics we see some very interesting trends.
First we see the average African American genome is 24% European. That is a rather large percentage. Second we see that nearly 20% of all African Americans genomes have European ancestry.




Surely the NFL used deviations to differentiate between African American athletes with higher and lower European genomic values? Of course not that would be a violation of HIPPA and furthermore wouldnít have been plausible 30 years ago.

A last vertical search shows no evidence between the gene influencing skin pigmentation and intelligence which I didnít even dive into is a fluctuating metric. I am not even going to bother posting the links refuting skin pigmentation and intelligence because it is down right insulting. I know you will retort and say that using terms such as black and white I am interpreting it as exclusively genetic and that in those references it is including social constructs. Fine whatever. Well done troll job.

The point is the NFL was using flawed 30 year old metrics and it was time for a revamp.
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NFL to Stop Race Norming

You canít fix stupid Baltimore.
Great post though.
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Re: NFL to Stop Race Norming

Really super cringe NFL either applied or attempted to apply this practice in dishing out settlements.
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