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Re: Message board 101

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
question - i got benched a few months ago for being sarcastic although it wasnt over-the-top obvious sarcastic. so how do i get unbenched?

to get a permament bench for 1 post out of a few hundred is alil unfair and compels me to join the jerk side of the force.

go skins!
You seem to be referring to your rep points. Your rep points are a cumulative total.

When you got benched, someone gave you negative rep points (presumably for being "over the top obvious sarcastic) which pushed your cumulative rep score into negative numbers. The only way to get out is for someone to give you positive rep points and turn your score from negative to positive.

Time has nothing to do with it. You gotta say something smart or funny, then someone may want to award you some rep props.

Or, more simply, you could just not give a crap about your rep score.
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