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Thread Structure - Free Agency Discussion


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Thread Structure - Free Agency Discussion

Thought I'd share an opinion on something that the mods could consider as to whether it would be an improvement to the board.

I see that all free agency reports/rumors/discussion have been consolidated to one giant mega thread. It's huge, has a ton of pages, and isn't conducive to quickly scanning the site for free agency updates. It probably grew much larger than the mods intended due to the sheer number of pointless one-line posts tacked on by the membership.

One thing that draws me to the site every day is to quickly scan the forum for new threads on free agency signings and rumors. When new threads are allowed for each report, the benefit is that it serves as a headline flash of sorts to the reader, kind of like the ESPN crawl at the bottom of the screen. But because free agency rumors and reports are all housed in one giant thread, it's more efficient for me to use Redskins Insider or other sites to get the quick Redskins-related updates.

I get the downside though. If you allow the free-for-all of threads on free agency you end up with a cluttered board, which can be a lot for the mods to manage. So it's up to you guys to consider that and I know you will, and I'll respect whatever decision you make. It's just I think the site loses a little appeal when the "headline" aspect is missing. Thanks for reading.
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