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Someone quoted me?


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Re: Someone quoted me?

I'll just disable it for now. Seems to be a problematic feature from what I'm reading on some help forums.
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punch it in
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Re: Someone quoted me?

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
That doesn't work for me either, I know it's only been back for a little while and I haven't tested it on the Chrome I use at home, but it doesn't work for me at work either (IE definitely not the newest version)
Oooooohhhh - your posting at work!
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Re: Someone quoted me?

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
They use a newer version of vbulletin so it's probably a feature we'll have eventually, once I get around to upgrading.
One of my favorite forums in terms of features has been Hold the Line. Very modern layout and very good at keeping track of events such as liking post, quotes, updates to threads etc. The problem is it can be relatively slow even with high speed internet.

The thing I like about this site is even though the look is slightly dated compared to recent developments in forum layouts it's still much faster and easier to navigate then the newer forum designs and right now I prefer the speed and ease of use to the cool extras that come with the newer layouts.
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Re: Someone quoted me?

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
Never heard of being able to track who quotes you.
Sounds like someone is paranoid.
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