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When is Enough ,Enough? - Skins Style

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Re: When is Enough ,Enough? - Skins Style

Originally Posted by OmahaRedskins View Post
I thought Flowers played poorly but Smoot said he had a good game. I heard other say something similar. He missed on two plays but in the running game he was down field smashing linebackers.
He can't hold a block and with decent running backs he doesn't need to do that , which is why as a guard he is better becuase he has the center and tackle to help him ,he is terrible in pass blocking. Putrid.
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Re: When is Enough ,Enough? - Skins Style

Originally Posted by davy View Post
What is frustrating with Flowers is that when he engages with a defender he's actually very good but he completely whiffs far too often.

He single-handedly stopped 3 drives in the 1st half against Atlanta.

Can't have that.
Trevor on NBC sports broke down the goal line sequence and he is gonna cost us points and 1st downs. He needs to go, this was a terrible idea from the beginning
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Re: When is Enough ,Enough? - Skins Style

Gruden has a whole list of marginal players that he holds onto no matter their performance:

Colt McCoy
Now Flowers

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Re: When is Enough ,Enough? - Skins Style

Gruden is in an impossible position. He is expected to have a winning record while the FO rebuilds. Perhaps he is afraid to play rookies. I don't know. As usual, mixed messages abound and there are contending goals for 2019.
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