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Leftwich or Ramsey?

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Old 02-25-2004, 11:19 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon

Ramsey is one tough hombre and I like him a lot. But please don't try to put him head and shoulders abouve Leftwich on that scale. In college, Leftwich played THREE games on a broken bone in his leg and had to be carried by his offensive linemen into the huddle after every play. On the toughness bus, Leftwich takes a back seat to no one - - including Patrick Ramsey.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd probably flip a coin. I think both will have very nice careers in the NFL.

I didn't say PR is tougher, I think he's a better quarterback. Leftwich playing on that broken bone was amazing but I think that his battered legs are going to cost him a lot of starts in the future if he takes too much punishment. Ramsey throws a better ball plus he hasn't had the major injuries despite the beat down of last year. I think the edge goes to Ramsey. All that said, don't take this to mean that I think Leftwich isn't a great young qb for the Jags, I just like our guy better...
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Originally Posted by cpayne5
Having both Brunell and Ramsey gives us the best chance to win now AND later. I'm a huge PR supporter, but I respect the decision.
My thoughts exactly.

While Gibbs wanted a quality veteran, which he got in Brunell, he is adamant about keeping Ramsey. Supposedly, Miami made another effort to trade for him before going for Feely from Philly, and was shot down by the Skins.
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Old 02-27-2004, 10:19 AM   #18
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I think back to when Doug Williams sat all year whilst Jay Ego Man threw the ball all year, only for Doug to step in at play off time.

We need both and it has always been Coach Gibbs' approach.

Incidently, Williams said that Jay was such an asshole that he was the only player he didn't want to talk to the entire season.

Patrick over BL but both will be solid QBs in the long run.

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Old 02-27-2004, 10:57 AM   #19
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It is not fair to compare Ramsey and Leftwich at this point, because Leftwich just finished his rookie season. But if you look statistically at both of their careers in college and first year in the NFL Leftwich has had a better carrer.

Leftwich in college completed 939 of 1442 passes (65.1 percent) for 11,903 yards, 89 touchdowns and only 28 interceptions, while amassing 12,090 yards of total offense.

Ramsey in his collegiate career completed 798 of 1355 passes (58.9%) for 9,205 yards and 72 touchdowns,

During Leftwich's NFL rookie season he completed 239 passes for 2819 yards and 57.2 completion % for 14 TD's and a 73.0 QB rating.

Ramsey finished his rookie season completing only 117 passes for 1,539 yards and 51.5 completion% for 9 TD's and a 71.8 QB rating.

In my opionion they are both equally talented QB's, there is no need to put down Lefwich to argue your case for Ramsey to automatically inherit the Skins QB job. Ramsey just needs to battle the other QB's on our roster to get it....something he seems unwilling to do.
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