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Is the End Near For Bruce Allen?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Is the End Near For Bruce Allen?

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I live near Philly and the local sports radio stations are loyal as hell to the Eagles team, their players, coaches, and the owner. I guess it doesn't surprise me that the D.C. sports radio has been alienated by Snyder and his latest toadie, Bruce Allen. As with Vinny Cerrato, you just wonder how badly the team has to perform year-after-year, how badly the fans have to suffer over the last two decades before they get rid of this ass-clown, Allen, and make a change to a REAL FOOTBALL General Manager. Someone with some real NFL credibility.
I'm 45 minutes from philly, and they are not loyal. You have goldfish syndrome right now. When a philly team is losing, the sky is falling and dysfunction in the media reigns supreme. They have a recent superbowl, so you arent remembering every other year when the radio stations are calling to have the team blown up. Shit man, even last year it was all about getting rid of Wentz in favor of a backup. Listen to philly talk about the flyers or the Phillies until they signed harper. And 3 short years ago the media would talk about how disappointed they were in the Sixers. Philly's fans and media (and I'm a Phil's and flyers fan) are some of the most dysfunctional in the country. They werent a good reference point......
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Re: Is the End Near For Bruce Allen?

This whole thing is stupid. Does Russell not remember that Brian Lafemina was fired by Snyder at the end of the season when attendance tanked? You would expect a lot of turnover in the business office when the lead business office executive is let go.

There’s a lot you can point to with regards to failings of Bruce Allen but this doesn’t make any sense.
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