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The McNabb trade: 10 years later

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: The McNabb trade: 10 years later

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Wilson instead of Rg3/Kirk.

Notice the trend? Lol

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I always regretted letting Trent Green go. He played great with Kansas City after us.

Chase Daniel would have been handy to keep too. Then we would not have had to roll with the likes of John Beck, Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson when we needed a backup to step in.

I don't regret the Rex Grossman years, they were entertaining.

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Re: The McNabb trade: 10 years later

I was at McNabb's last game starting before he got benched. Shitty game against the Bucs in the pouring rain, McNabb ties the game in the last 2 min only for the extra point (which actually would've tied the game 17-17) bounce off the upright LOL. He was benched the next week, which IIRC was like 2 weeks after signing that contract extension with us.

Just a total shitshow, which unfortunately sums up most of the last 10 years.
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Re: The McNabb trade: 10 years later

Originally Posted by irish View Post
I remember reading an article that talked about how Shanahan wanted Marc Bulger but Snyder wanted McNabb because he thought he could sell more McNabb jerseys than Bulger jerseys. If it was any team but the Skins that would seem ridiculous but for the Skins its totally believable.
LMAO, Bulger was absolute garbage. 5-30 in his last 3 seasons and threw more INTs than TDS. We probably would have gone 0-16 with Bulger. Id be scared that Snyder could pick a better QB without trying than Shanahan could WITH trying...

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