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YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

Redskins Locker Room

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YOU play GM (Since we don't have one)

It's no secret this team will have a top 5 pick, maybe top 2. I'm actually all for going 1-15 and getting the #1 pick. Had a conversation with some guys at work they asked "What do you do with that top pick"?

I'm all for keeping Haskins so let's not go down the Tua route, I still believe we have a franchise QB in the making BUT and it may be a big BUT , what if the new HC comes in and wants to start from scratch? Do you consider going after Tua , Hurts , Herbert?

If I'm the GM here is what I'm doing ASAP after the season is over.

1. Trade Trent Williams (if he isn't by then) - It's clear he doesn't want to play in Washington anymore and he really should be moved now (fuck u Bruce). I believe we can still get a 3rd for him after the season is over.

2. Trade Ryan Kerrigan - Yeah I know he's a fan favorite and a consistent good player but he is getting older and is off to his worst start of his career, where has he been?? I know we joke about him at times going MIA but damn this guy really hasn't done shit, and his grades show it 59.7 overall Defensive grade is real bad. Get a 3rd for him as well and move on.

3. Let Norman , Davis , Reed , Chris Thompson , Adrian Peterson , PRich , Moses and Colt go this off season...

4. Hire Mike Tomlin (They may let him go from what the rumors are saying), to me if Tomlin wants to coach in DC, I'm all for it.. Who else takes this job? Rex Ryan? I'll pass on him unless he's the last option. Guys like Lincoln Riley, Mike Leach , Urban Meyer are all pipe dreams and rarely do college coaches work anyway. Tomlin brings in a no BS culture and is all about the TEAM and WINNING, he doesn't give a shit about stats and superstars (ask Bell and AB). Plus he's still young.

5. Draft Offense Offense Offense , I'm talking LT , RB , WR , RT , TE.
We have the worst Offense in the NFC , the talent is just not there.

6. Spend some dough in Free Agency BUT on good players not big name guys like Landon Collins who also sucks so far.. The skins will have the cap space in 2020, might as well use it.

You all have at it!

"if you're good at something, never do it for free"- The Joker

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