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Alex Smithís Amazing Comeback(?)

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Alex Smithís Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Smith grew up in La Mesa and went to high school between University Ave and 94. You know he's not staying in the miserable weather of DC... lol.

He should do TV. He'd be great at it.
I used to work at BJ's Restaurant in La Mesa in my younger days. Got to bus his table one time. I guess you could say we're great friends lol.

I walked on 1 year at SDSU. We played Utah at home that year. That was pretty cool. Got to see the future 1st overall pick up close and personal. He was good. That team was good.
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Re: Alex Smithís Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by Burgold View Post
While I admire Alex Smith's determination and grit...he ain't comin back.

Agreed. Heís got to think of his future life and how that could be adversely damaged if he is injured again.

Iím interested in whether he wants to return as any of the following:

A. NFL TV Commentator

B. NFL Coach (position coach or higher)

C. NFL Team Executive

A. Being a tv commentator takes a lot of time and effort. Many donít make it over time.

B. Heíd have to start as a position coach (QB coach like Zorn did) and then hopefully move up the ladder to OC or higher IF he is successful.

C. I think his time last season being an informal advisor to Dan Snyder might get him a shot at being a team executive- perhaps in the Redskins organization (?). I believe Smith helped cut Dan Snyderís dependency on Bruce Allen last season. But it appears that Kyle Smith is well on the road to being the Redskinís new GM. What would Alexís executive job be with Rivera / Kyle Smith making all of the Redskinís major football decisions.

I think Alex Smith will quietly retire and in a year or two heíll come back to the NFL in on of the capacities listed above.

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Re: Alex Smithís Amazing Comeback(?)

A Don't really see him as the personality to do that, at least not long term. More likely a motivational speaker than sat in the booth if he goes into media?
B Got mentoring skills but can he actually coach up kids to a better level, and beyond that, manage an entire offense then maybe a team? I back this as most likely horse and hope he succeeds.
C Does he have the business know how to carry this role? Can he evaluate talent if he goes the scouting/personnel route? I wouldn't bet against him...
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