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NFL players approve the new CBA deal

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Re: NFL players approve the new CBA deal

Originally Posted by mooby View Post

Interesting. I don't expect the vocal opposition to lie down quietly though, they will probably keep the challenge going through the courts. Not a fan of the 17th game either, for NFL record purposes, or for the symmetry of the existing schedule. But money is the bottom line.
I like the new playoff format and have no particular opinion about the 17th game.

About players safety, on top of removing one pre season game, they also:

-expended the roster from 53 to 55 (practice squad from 10 to 12 and then 14. Game day roster from 46 to 48)

-reduced padded practices in training camp from 28... to 16 ! And from 3h to 2.5h. So basically it's a reduction of over 50% of padded practice time in training camp. That seems like a lot, I wonder if some coaches will have a hard time adapting to that. You have to wonder if it will have an effect on the level of preparation of players...

-limited padded practices during the season at 14 (11 of them in the first 11 weeks, so only 3 left for the last 7 weeks) I also wonder if we'll see an effect on the level of preparation of some teams. Don't know what the previous limit was though, anybody?

-limited at 12h per day the time spent at team facilities

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Re: NFL players approve the new CBA deal

With the right practice plan and focus on what you want to get out of a padded practice, I can't see it affecting preparation. Padded sessions are about going full or near full speed with contact, so plenty of limited contact/helmet only sessions will prepare them fitness and football skills wise ahead of full practices.
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