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Old 03-07-2004, 10:18 PM   #31
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First, let me say this, I was stoked at the prospect of having Spurrier as our coach, finally a flashy offense in DC was what I was thinking....However, it didn't work, one because of Spurrier's stuborness, but mainly because of his inability to discipline the players. I have been watching the skins all my life and this was the hardest two years I have ever seen...so much potential going into the season only to see all vanish with pass interference, holding, taunting, imitating the snap count (I didn't even know that was a penalty until this year), Spurrier failed miserably at this level, he had no control over the players, he is a good college coach because it takes different things to motivate college and professional players. Spurrier is a good college coach and regardless on any asst coaches he could have, he will never be a good NFL coach.
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Old 03-07-2004, 11:30 PM   #32
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SS sucked for lots of reasons, but here's a big one: he didn't know how to control the tempo of a game. We'd have a lead in the 2nd half, and he'd throw on every down. Ramsey would get smacked, and we'd go three and out and punt. Then the D would hold at first, but eventually tire and give up the game-winning drive late in the fourth. At FL, time of possession didn't matter, in the NFL, it does.

Gibbs will have a running game, will control the clock, and keep the other team off the field. One of the major benefits to this is a rested defense, especailly the d-line, who wear down most over a game. I really hope we add more to the d-line (starks? Udeze?), but no matter what, our current players will be better off.

And a key to the Lewis D was Lavar getting in the backfield. I figure Williams is really looking to Lavar to add to the passrush. Lavar complained about lining up as a rusher, but we had the #5 d, and he had double-digit sacks. Edwards didn't have the power to tell Lavar what to do. Williams does.
Hail from Houston!
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Old 03-08-2004, 02:51 AM   #33
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I agree with Scott that lack of discipline was one of Spurriers main problems. There were even reports here in Washington locally that players would answer and talk on cell phones during team meetings. We definitely wont have that problem with Gibbs. Riggins in a local show here said that he was doodling during one of his team meetings and Gibbs called him out and told the whole team to gather around and see what he was doing to ridicule him. Pretty hilarious.
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i told my wife the day TOBC got hired that the redskins would be awful under him.he seemed just to cocky and arrogant to win in the nfl.Gibbs commands respect because of his past record as an nfl coach,spurrier had no such record.i can just about bet that if a cell phone goes off during a gibbs team meeting,the custodian will be sweeping pieces of it up.spurrier's game did not work at the nfl level because it was all college oriented,that crap just does'nt work in the nfl.spurrier can say he lost because snyder would not do this or that like he said last week in dallas or he
could just come out and say he could not when because he did not know what the hell he was doing.it does'nt matter now because his ass is gone and THE REAL COACH IS BACK.............................................

hail to the redskins and thank god for coach Joe Jackson Gibbs.
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