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Warpath $$ league & Warpath FF are open

Fantasy Football

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Re: Warpath $$ league & Warpath FF are open

Nothing shameful in the Parrot!!!

Parrot Pride Club! Club and Forum
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Re: Warpath $$ league & Warpath FF are open

Whatever, just another year where I get the bone put to me again!!!!

Matty, in no way do I want you to step down as the commish, I have been with this league for going on 7 years and I don't think that I have ever been a trouble in the league and if i have been a troubled manager than I am sorry Matty.

I understand that its a pay league, but I guess I should have whined last year when the points for a passing TD was dropped from 6 to 4. After all to the best of my knowledge, there wasn't even an attempt at a vote on that last year. Was there an half ass attempt at the vote this year? Sure, but atleast there was an attempt!!!

I said my peace, and I will play this year and next year no matter what point system is used.

After all I say that over the past 8 years there has NEVER been a back to back champion in this league other than ME!!! So do what you want to do to try to top that!!!
"I am the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice" - Sean Taylor

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Re: Warpath $$ league & Warpath FF are open

should have seen this coming.................
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