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Fantasy Football 2014 Thread

Fantasy Football

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Hug Anne Spyder
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Fantasy Football 2014 Thread

Anybody else starting the season 0-2? Didn't set my lineup last week, got crushed thanks to starting Cam Newton (IA last week) while Matt Ryan rode my bench (30+ points thanks to career day).

This week manage to set my lineup, feeling good heading into the day, and right now I'm currently losing by 55 points. Seahawks D blessed me with a solid 0, thanks to losing to the Chargers. AJ Green blessed me with another 0, thanks to his turf toe injury. Started Matt Ryan, who gave me 10 points, over Cam Newton, who had 20 on the bench. Started Roddy White and Brandon Cooks, who combined to score 9 points. Waiting on LeSean McCoy and Dwayne Allen to play tomorrow before I confirm the loss.

I feel like rage quitting right now, especially since my matchup this week is against my coworker who is undoubtedly going to annoy the shit out of me for the 50 hours I have to sit next to him next week. I picked up Josh Gordon thinking it would be a steal once his suspension is reduced, thought 8 games was harsh and it turns out it was only reduced to 10. What's the point of having him for <6 games, especially with the Browns qb situation? Idk that it's worth wasting a roster spot for the next 8 weeks for.
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