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"You Like That?!" It's Cousins / Viks Pregame Thread

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Re: "You Like That?!" It's Cousins / Viks Pregame Thread

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Letís say Haskins is an eventual bust. If we wait to play him for a season or a season and a half, we just delay knowing the truth. Thatís what happened to Jason Campbell, a first round draft choice a decade ago. We waited to start him well into his second season and he was a bust theb was gone after playing as the starter for a couple seasons.

With a first round pick you have to give them 2-3 seasons as starter to prove they can win or not.

For every QB who waited a season or more before starting, I can give you a very good or great QB who started from game one.

If Haskins canít beat or at least match Keenum or McCoyís pitiful QB play, then doesnít it make sense to find out sooner rather than later? Keenum handed off the ball mostly last game and had a pitiful 12 passes for a measly 77 yds.
Dwayne could do that? Case had a game where he had 5 turnovers ( plus two more fumbles recovered by us). Haskins couldnít beat that?

Ppl here list QB like Brady, Young, Mulhomme who waited to play QB. Thatís because they were playing AND LEARNING from very good or even great QB. What is Haskins learning by watching these two journeyman BACKUP QB??

I think Haskins can play as well or more truthfully, as Badly, as Case and Colt. Then he is learning in the crucible of the game, not riding pine.
If he plays even worse than these two crappy QB, then we are at least starting on the trial period of 2-3 seasons before we AGAIN draft a new QB.

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Remind me again, who did "Mulhomme" learn from?

You guys are right, we should start our rookie qb who came in in relief 4 weeks ago and promptly threw 3 picks, on a short week against a tough team whose one weakness (qb) turned into a strength the last 3 weeks since he got pissed off his own teammates were calling him out for being garbage.

I concede my argument. Now when Haskins fails because he's not ready, we can just sell him for the cheap and add qb to the laundry list of problems this team has.
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