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Hogs Jacoby, Bostic, Grimm, Starke, Riggo etc to sue owner Daniel Snyder

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Re: Hogs Jacoby, Bostic, Grimm, Starke, Riggo etc to sue owner Daniel Snyder

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Think we need to take step back on some of this criticism of Jason Wright. First off he oversees the business side of the org, he has no input on football matters like Bruce or Vinny did. So directly comparing them really isn't fair.

The fact that we even know who he is tells you all you need to know about what a shit head Snyder is by pushing people out in front of him to take all the heat while he fucks things up behind the curtain. I'd be shocked if anyone could name who runs the business side of any other team in the league off the top of their head.

If you didn't like how the new name was handled, ok. It wasn't super smooth especially the roll-out. But he never said the fans were going to pick the name. His job was to engage the fans and welcome their input, but let's be clear, nobody ever said the fans would get to choose the name.

And let's be honest here, Snyder was going to pick the name in the end. His team, his money, his decision 110%. So if you really believe Snyder is the puppet master and Wright is just a "lackey", why are you mad at Wright when we all know this was Snyder's mess all along?

I think Wright is a good guy doing the best he can in a really shitty situation. He hasn't hid in the shadows and refused to do interviews the way Allen did. He's been open to correcting blatant mistakes like with the team crest and the recent ST tribute.

A lot of speculation out there from those in the know that think he was put in place by the league. I think he's done the best job he can considering the shit storm constantly swirling around the team.
I fully agree on these two points:

- Jason and Ron both seem to be very nice and likeable guys

- Wright isn't involved in football operations so the comparison with Bruce isn't accurate


- if you wanna take him off the hook for the name thing because Dan was always going to decide it, that's fair... But then he didn't need to advertise, to the the extent that he did, about the oh so valuable fan input, if they were going to not give a f about it.

Finally I think there are things he can absolutely not be taken off the hook at all: because he's not involved in football operations, his only job is the business side, so those are unexcusable, no matter how shitty your boss is:

-the embarrassment that was the name reveal with Doug on national TV

-the infamous toilet Sean Taylor street

-the infamous Sean Taylor memorial statue

-this hog mascot blunder

And maybe I'm forgetting some, but those highly incompetent and embarrassing mistakes are on him. Maybe not only on him. But as team president in charge of pretty much only this, I don't see how that's not on mainly him.

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