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NFC East Teams Rosters vs the Skins

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: NFC East Teams Rosters vs the Skins

Scherff was the 12th highest graded G per Pass / Run blocking.

Will Hernandez was 44th

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Re: NFC East Teams Rosters vs the Skins

Wil Hernandez is a nice young player but to think he would be better than Schreff and Brooks at LG is clown shit. That choice kinda reminded me when baseball would have to include a player from every team in the all-star game even if their best player was still second rate, garbage.

Oh and Jimmy Moreland is gonna rock the slot for us this year, so enjoy your fluke slot season Brown.
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Re: NFC East Teams Rosters vs the Skins

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post

Here is the Athletic's all defensive team for 2019.

For the Norman haters , you may want to look away.

I like this list BTW
I understand the list but Collins won't finish the season. I had said before the Giants should have made him LBer he can cover the run but not the pass. Hasn't finished the last two seasons.
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Re: NFC East Teams Rosters vs the Skins

The Redskins are only going to keep 6 WR.

Richardson - because he's getting paid
Quinn - slot and PR - very good camp
MacLaurin - freaking great camp!

Cam Sims - really good camp but a little inconsistent

Doctson - I wonder if they will keep him? Good camp but never has been able to put it on the field. If he has a great year, he's going to another team. If he has a normal year for him, then you let newer, better talent go to give him ANOTHER chance.

Harmon - good camp and always working after TC with Haskins, every day!

Davis / Quick / etc. - the last slot will go to the guy who does the best in PS.
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