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Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

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Re: Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Re: the bolded, I completely agree. I can't reconcile those two facts. We haven't been 6-3 in years, and people still weren't showing up. I don't understand that.
That was the game after Norman called out fans if I remember. I was surprised it wasn’t sold out but after the game the local radio shows were commenting that the fans “showed up” for the game and that it was the loudest it was all season. Definitely not what you would expect for a divisional team.
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Re: Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
“SnyderGrinder” is Bruce’s username on the Grindr app. True story.

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I would ask for a source, but I know that's one source I'd really not wanna see, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Re: Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
the skins were 6-3 at one point. They had a mostly healthy team and a 1-1/2 game lead in the division. We had a HUGE game vs the Texans and the fans didn’t show up.

I am not in the area, so attending the game was not an option for me, but i was PUMPED About watching it. The historical dysfunction of the organization is beyond dispute, but this is a game that fans SHOULD have shown up for. But they didn’t.

Just playing devils advocate here, but let’s say i own a company and hire a new head of sales to improve sales. the product is better than its ever been (when’s the last time we started 6-3 and looked as promising as this years team). The new guy i hired dramatically changes the business model. I think he’s crazy, but i trust him and let him do his thing. But then the sales get worse...I’m sorry, but that reflects poorly on my new head of sales. From a purely business perspective, is it really THAT Crazy to fire the guy?

He had a whole offseason to prepare. He pitched a radical new strategy. The team was hot. But attendance got worse.

I’m not upset at Snyder for firing Lafemina.

Im upset that He hasn’t fired Allen.

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Agreed. We had the worst drop in attendance in the league, (now how much of that is the organisation being more honest about attendance numbers?), in any other franchise, the firing of a sales guy is not even news.
It's on them though: they over sold his hiring, making his firing big too.
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