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What about a TRUE GM

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Re: What about a TRUE GM

Originally Posted by #56fanatic
Lets go back and see, Taylor was an obvious pick, you and I could have made. Cooley has turned out to be good. This past draft was a questionable one. Rogers may be a good corner, however we were at need for a #2 receiver given our lack of size and presence of a physical receiver, which is now causing problems because we still dont have a #2 guy. Mike Williams was available and would have been and immediate player,probably. We could have taken a DB in the 2nd round or Campbell if they HAD to have him, he would have still been there. Nobody was taking him. Other than that, thats 3 out of 14 picks, plus any free agent pick ups from the draft that have not seen the field. I am not sure that qualifies as succesful or not. Drafting a QB in the 1st round is a sizeable gamble, not many 1st round QBs have panned out, with exception to Manning brothers, palmer, vick, although I still think is overrated to some extent. We trade away picks like they are poison! Bailey and a 2nd, a 3rd for brunell, a 1st for campbell, who is 3rd on the depth chart. If you take a 1st round QB, wouldn't you think he would be atleast 2nd on the depth chart. Especially since you spend all offseason working on a previous #1 QB pick in Ramsey, assurring him he is your guy, you are the starter. We needed obvious help on the d-line, but passes over two studs, which went to Dallas and will now kill us for the 5 to 10 years. Would you like any other moves of question. I know people are going to bring the free agent pickups into this. Griffin, Washington great pick ups. But 43 mil to 35 year QB, 10 mil up front for a 30 yr old corner. and not signing a true MLB, although that big signing from a year ago turned out to be a BIG waste of money in Mike Barrow. You let the leader of the LB core go to a division Rival, not very smart. I am sure there may be more moves, but I'll stop here.
First of all, Taylor wasn't an obvious pick. Everyone and their Mother thought we were going to draft KWII. We ended up making the right pick.

Barrow a big waste of money? No one knew that his knees were shot, and we did get him at a reasonable price.

We didn't let the leader of our LB core go. We gave him an offer within our cap, and he ended up getting paid with the NYG and left.
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