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I Don't Like That - Post Game Thread

Redskins Locker Room

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liberal snowflake
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Re: I Don't Like That - Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by Burgold View Post
When you have a-so-called..organisation that's rotted from the owner on down...this is what you get...I will say this once more-UNTIL DANIEL SNYDER LOOKS IN THE MIRROR AND ASKS HIMSELF-WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING TO MY TEAM AND THE FANS??? until that day comes-WE ARE DOOMED!!!
I feel like you're going for the shock value when every fan here already knows what the deal is.

If you think Dan Snyder is going to have an overnight revelation on how to be a competent owner it's gonna be a long 4 decades for you.
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Re: I Don't Like That - Post Game Thread

Say all you want, the Defense had a solid game.

Yes they gave up yards, yes I vomited inside my mouth when they gave up that 3&19 with 3minutes to go in the game, yes they had a lucky turnover early in the game, yes Moreau looks completely lost out there...


They made key stops all game long. That 4th and less than 1 stop was something we hadn't been able to do in a long time. The fact that the Vikings went for it in that situation speaks to the amount of (earned) disrespect this team is getting.

They held to 19 points an offense that had scored 28+ on every opponents except the Bears and the Packers so far, and scored 38 points on the Eagles and 42 on the Lions the last 2 weeks.

Bostic is playing very well
Loved Payne making the 4th and 1 play
Don't get the hate on Norman this week, he didn't get burnt and made some plays against the run
Apke seems to be coming along nicely

Rightly coached, this defense could carry any slightly above apathetic offense...
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