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Confirmed: Bruce Allen has been fired

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Confirmed: Bruce Allen has been fired

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
I just hope Kyle Smith is safe.

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He’ll be evaluated by Rivera in this years draft. If he does well he’ll keep his job or move up to GM if he works well with Rivera.

Since Kyle’s has two good drafts, I think he will “wow” Rivera and move up.

The Shaffer firing appears to be untrue. He’s done an excellent job and should stay since he was one of the few guys who knows what he’s doing. We need a good cap guru.

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Re: Confirmed: Bruce Allen has been fired

I don't see Kyle Smith going anywhere. I think it was Sheehan that suggested that AJ Smith may be one of Danny's trusted advisors along with Gibbs that helped guide him through this process of hiring Rivera.
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Re: Confirmed: Bruce Allen has been fired

Originally Posted by SkinzWin View Post
Adam Schefter: Jack Del Rio will be the Redskins new defensive coordinator
I like the hire of Ron Rivera and Jack del Rio. Jack del Rio has a track record of turning around really bad defenses quickly. In 2003 he took over a 25th ranked Jaguars defense and in one year they were the second ranked rush defense and sixth ranked over all in the NFL. He also was LB's coach during the Ravens 1999-2000 Superbowl season. In 2001 was hired as Defensive Coordinator with Panthers and in his first season in 2002, he led them to the second best defense in the league.
Better track record of any of the piece of shit Defensive coordinators we have had recently.
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