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Coaching and Front Office Changes

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Coaching and Front Office Changes

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Couple of things.

1. "Snyder has undermined every coach but Gibbs": I think it's telling that Gibbs told RR "Keep DS in the loop" AND that RR deemed that info an important tidbit to share publicly. I imagine the conversation with JG went something like this: RR "So, is DS the interfering busybody the press says he is and is he going to undermine my decisions?" JG "DS is just passionate about the Skins, a big well-intentioned fan that happens to be the owner and wants to be part of the team. As long as you keep him informed about what you want to do, why you are doing it, and generally make him feel like an important part of the organization, you will be fine." From what I have seen, I think RR will manage DS just fine; that, more than anything else, will be the key to the Skins future success.

2. I hate everything about this regime because it is doing so many good things - without actually telling everyone they are doing good things ("We are winning the offseason", "We have a damn good culture.") - that I can't wait for next season to start. For the next nine months I will alternate between being excited and dreading the nuts kick - I am going to need medication. <sarcastic font off>.

Now, draft the Predator and pass me the damn Kool-Aid.

The nut kick really hinges on Haskins growth. There is absolutely no reason our defense should not be improved because of Del Rio and hopefully Young. Our staff is obviously better. Bruce FUCKING Allen is gone which can only be good. Our wr’s and rb’s look solid. We will add (hopefully smartly) through the draft and FA towards our needs - namely TE, OLine, and Secondary.
It really all hinges on Haskins. He is the elephant in the room right now.
Douche Snyder ruined my Sundays.
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Coaching and Front Office Changes

Our defense will improve quickly and immensely! I don’t think that with Chase and a couple good FA acquisitions at FS and CB it is unreasonable for the Redskins to have a top 10 defense. There is a good deal of talent on the defense which was just grossly mismanaged by Manusky. He was bad. This Redskin defense will shock the NFC East after it being so SOFT for so many years.

The offense is more of a project. The key acquisition is to rehire Trent, Scherff and Flowers to stabilize the line. They’ll draft a OL with the third round pick. Of all the FA acquisitions the Redskins need, the most important is TE. I think the team will spend top tier money for the best TE FA, who is young and can grow with Haskins. They also will spend cap money on a very good WR. As stated above, the future of the Redskins is tied to Haskins progression.

I think the ‘skins could be a 8-8 team next year with a hard-hitting defense and a pass throwing offense. No kool aid talk, that’s what I see now.

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Re: Coaching and Front Office Changes

Check out this crazy train article. Belichick coach the Skins?

Sean Taylor #21 a Redskin forever...

Draft winners, not stars.

Hail to the Redskins
Hail victory
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Block for ...whichever mediocre QB Snyder gave away too much to get and ruined the team for another decade
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