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Restriced FA's

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Old 03-01-2004, 09:39 PM   #1
Thank You, Sean.
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Restriced FA's

On Redskins.com it says that tommarow is the last day to make qualifying offers for restricted FA's. Does that mean that if no one makes the offer tommarow, then everyone stays? In addition, has anyone made a run at any of our RFA's, all which are pretty good players, McCants, Ohelette, B.Johnson, Antonio Perice?
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Sheriff Gonna Getcha
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No one can make a run at our RFAs until Wednesday. Tomorrow is the last day for us to make an offer to our RFAs and UFAs. If we don't sign the UFAs, they hit the open market and go to the highest bidder (we can bid of course). If we don't sign the RFAs, then if someone else makes an offer, we have a right to match it...if we don't we get a pick in whatever round the player was originally drafted. It's a litttle more complicated than that (i.e. what kind of offer we make to the player can raise/lower the compensation we will get), but that's the general idea.

I heard on Sportstalk 980 that we were definately going to make offers to Bryan Johnson and McCants. I also suspect we will make offers to Ethan Albright and Antonio Pierce but I am not positive.
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Of those guys, I believe that we must keep Ethan Albright over all the others. He's a solid long snapper. Pierce and McCants are tied at #2 in my book.
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I agree, it's not easy to find a really good long snapper and we've got one. McCants did great last year in red zone situations and given the opportunity, I thing Antonio will be a great LB too.
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