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Dallas L postgame

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Re: Dallas L postgame

Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
Not regularly but I checked out the break down you recommended yesterday. Didn't disagree with Cooley on his assessment.

Side note: I continued to listen to Thursday's podcast and Kevin and Thom are talking about a fan survey of 1,000 ticket holders in which Dan had a 5% positivity rating and Bruce was at 6% and the news out of Ashburn was they were both shocked they were so ill-liked. I was listening and I thought who are these 50-60 idiots that view Dan or Buce positively?!
Dan was probably pissed that Bruce at 6% positive had a higher positivity rating than he did. That's no doubt why Dan got rid of Bruce: for being such a transparent bastard. If Bruce hadn't been undermining him, Dan could have gotten a 6% positivity rating too.
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Re: Dallas L postgame

Originally Posted by Redskins247 View Post
If you ever listen to the Kevin Sheehan podcast, he has Chris Cooley on there to break down the games. This was the first thing Cooley pointed out...the success they had running the ball with the zone schemes, but then had no play action or any passing out of that same scheme. So this is the NFL, doesn't take long to figure that out. 2 weeks in a row where Scott Turner has not looked like a competent OC.
I forgot this yesterday but when Cooley was doing his break down he said our WRs have been very bad at creating separation. That might be the most frustrating thing as they are supposed to be the strength of this offense.

At what we know now at this season, Jax defense being better than thought. What di d we do in that game differently to move the ball compared to Philly and Dallas? To me it looks like Curtis Samuel was being used with greater versatility. Having him line up in back field with Gibson etc. This o-line is going to struggle with pass pro I'd love to see some two RB wishbone sets with JD and Gibson have the o-line just push down hill and gain confidence and maybe help the WRs get separation. IDK I am really just grasping at air here.
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