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Ruhskins 03-11-2015 01:43 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
[quote=over the mountain;1108838]it should be a really exciting month with the big 10 tourney then march madness. it feels like forever since i was excited about terps bball. it was so frustrating watching the terrell stooglin or nick fausts of the world just folding like lawn chairs.

side note - i think terrell stoglin scored 100 points or something ridiculous in a chinese league game a few weeks ago.[/quote]

Change of conference seems to have given the Terps a boost. I just hope we have some favorable early match ups in the tourney.

over the mountain 03-11-2015 03:47 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
[quote=Ruhskins;1108912]Change of conference seems to have given the Terps a boost. I just hope we have some favorable early match ups in the tourney.[/quote]

its NW or indy as our first game. i hope we get to play indy and repay them for that loss.

over the mountain 03-13-2015 03:40 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
[url=http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/preview?gameId=400784918]Indiana Hoosiers vs. Maryland Terrapins - Preview - March 13, 2015 - ESPN[/url]

Big game tonight.

terps v hoosiers at 6:30 tip in quarterfinals of Big 10 tourney.

I really hope the terps win. When we lost in Indiana the fans really seemed to enjoy the fact that the terps lost more than the hoosiers win.

chanting "nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye" and "overrated".

of course the terps faithful have no room to complain about another fan base chants but the hoosiers away game was the most obnoxious fan base i saw this year.

i was surprised terps fans didnt give them the same chants when we beat them at home.

Hoosiers will be real hungry as they are on Lunardi's "last 4 in" and need this win to help secure a spot in the big dance. The terps are travelling to chicago and have nothing really to play for except dez wells, who realizes this is it for him, wont let a single second slip away from him.

Chico23231 03-14-2015 04:04 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
I'm pulling for Maryland in the big ten tourney...lets get this done

Vcu just beat the shit out of Davidson to advance to the a10 finals.

Uva and unc was a great game, too bad for uva but they have had a great season. Coach Bennett should be coach of the year, class act

Chico23231 03-15-2015 02:05 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
Otm and ru tough loss yesterday...but vcu is holding it down

over the mountain 03-16-2015 10:07 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
terps seemed real flat and had a lack of interest in second half.

it was like they were told to just not get injured.


dez early foul trouble 10 mins into 1st half really made him a non-factor the rest of the game. he just never settled in and when he did touch the ball he forced it.

dez at 6'5" needs to show he can hit the 3 for NBA scouts. real surprised he hasnt been a little selfish over the last 10 games or so to try and showcase his NBA talents. if he stays a slasher he will be an in-betweener. Dez needs to make the tourney about him and his draft stock. take the ball. command respect.

get that 1st round guaranteed money. dez hogging the ball helps him and the terps. terps do not get past 2nd round if wells doesnt take over.


disappearing man. it seems like turgeon runs some sets for him but he gets the ball a few steps farther than intended or he doesnt make the open 3.

layman needs to assert himself. turgeon has been saying so for a few weeks now in interviews.


the long nba 3 is nice but please do not make it a habit. there is nothing bad i can say about melo's game.


if you could assert yourself as our big man we could have had a real chance at being something really really special. the terps will never get past KU w/out a big man. they have none.

terps are just a slightly flawed team. they are 1 dominant/good big man away from being legit contenders. sadly, next year we will not have dez wells and who knows what we will look like next year.

really hope this top 10 prospect diamond stone picks us over wisconsin. 6'10" supposed stud.

over the mountain 03-22-2015 11:55 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
terps game always start the same.

Dodd wins tip off.

terps have possession.

Dodd in some way is part of a turnover (normally bc someone tried dishing him the ball too hot when he is under the rim).

if vegas takes bets on who wins the tip, you could win a zillion dollars. dodd will win the tip. he has lost exactly one tip off all year (against MSU).

Wells needs to touch the ball every possession. That game against Valpo was frustrating. why is dodd and smotryzk taking all the shots?

every possession should be wells on a clear out iso or wells given the ball at the elbow and let him dish or drive.

wells needs to take over.

big rivalry game tonight.

terps v WVU at 8:40.

DynamiteRave 03-22-2015 01:09 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
Terps better win or else my bracket is seriously f'ed.

over the mountain 03-22-2015 01:52 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
[quote=DynamiteRave;1109976]Terps better win or else my bracket is seriously f'ed.[/quote]

the terps will win by 5 or less.

they will be down by 10 or more pts half way through the first half but tie game at half. they will again go down by 6-8 pts half way through 2nd half but will close the game out at the free throw line for the close win.

melo will go 3-5 on nba range 3s. its his thing now. he could get a closer look but he settles for these unnecessarily long 3s.

im at work trying to prep for all day depos tomorrow and i cant think anything but terps bball at 840. this sucks.

over the mountain 03-23-2015 04:20 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
well I was about wrong as you can get.

Wells absolutely disappeared the past 2 games. did the stage get to him?
feel bad for him. he cost himself a good bit of money if he bounced himself from being a late 1st round pick.

trimble ... lots of jawwing from both sides, trimble hits a big shot to make it a 3 pt game, does some jawwing then he gets that moving screen on the next play.

WVU plays like seattle D did 2 years ago. the refs arent going to call everything and eventually the refs will adjust to WVU handys play and stop calling hand fouls.

sad and odd ending to a great season. inconsistent play all season.

lock this up?

over the mountain 03-30-2015 11:53 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

big time.

HailGreen28 05-12-2015 09:39 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
What you guys think about this?

[URL="http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/12865702/rasheed-sulaimon-play-senior-season-maryland-terrapins"]Rasheed Sulaimon to play at Maryland[/URL]

over the mountain 05-13-2015 05:08 PM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
I didnt think he was all that great at Duke. He was basically benched for the most part.

At 6'5" he does fill a need for the 2 spot as i think Nickens is not strong enough to handle the ball and take contact. Nickens D was also kinda iffy, he got bumped and tied up on high screens A LOT.

I do love Nickens as a spot up shooter. He can stretch the D in that way. Defenders cant collapse on a driving melo as much. But that skill set = sub package.

Wiley is also around 6'5" and he can play the 2 or 3 as well. His handles are also a little suspect. He just needs to grow, like Nickens, but they both have a big part to play in the coming years.

Sulaimon does provide a senior, which we need. But with his character questions, is he the right kind of leader? does he pout if he gets benched or doesnt get 10 plus shots off per? I know seth allen and nick faust had bad, immature me-first attitudes that brought the whole locker room down and divided it against trying hard and against turgeon.

Thinking about it, Sulaimon would the secondary ball handler on the starting 5 which we desperately need since Wells left. We did recruit and bring in another highly regarded PG who can now sub Melo and turgeon doesnt have to rely on a true freshman to handle the ball in tough spots.

I guess layman will get the ball at the elbow like we did for wells and let Layman drive, dish or shoot.

So (imo) we can run a set through melo, layman and now Sulaimon.

so, in conclusion, after thinking about it out loud, if his game is what I anticipate, he fills a huge need and takes a lot of stress off melo.

he has to play tight D though. we dont need a scorer at the 2, we need a ball handler, distributor and defender. that is not the sexiest role for a troubled senior with visions of making a claim for the NBA. will he accept it? will he turn into a bitter bitch like he apparently was at Duke?


over the mountain 06-26-2015 10:13 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball
Dez Wells went undrafted.

He just did not show up in the tourney and I think that hurt his chances.

I feel bad for the guy. Busted his butt, carried the terps for most of the season with highlight reel play .. but then on the big stage he just disappeared.

over the mountain 01-29-2016 11:46 AM

Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

if you have followed terps and college bball this year, you have to watch this 3 min parody clip .. this is a great, funny and spot-on remake of hitler in anticipation of the MD v Iowa game last night.

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