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Giantone 04-27-2021 05:58 AM

Re: Alex Smith Cut (update: retired)
[quote=Monkeydad;1282013]You're calling Sports Illustrated and GQ legitimate media sources?


There's no way to say the the team has "a history of broken legs" any more than you can blame the Giants franchise for players BLOWING THEMSELVES UP (Jason Pierre-Paul and Plaxico Burress). The teams have no blame in these incidents.[/quote]

Compared to you calling them "tabloids" , Hell Yes! LOL, you need to stay on point , Thiesman , Smith ,Allen .......all during games and two in the same game in the same Stadium .Not me , not anyone is blaming the teams or the players,......they were freak accidents that happen . Yes I understand the team fear for AS getting back on that field. LOL, as for JPP and Buress both happened on their own free time away from the team but nice try.

MTK 04-27-2021 10:25 AM

Re: Alex Smith Cut (update: retired)
[quote=FrenchSkin;1282037]Personally I'm not questioning the sources, but I don't think we should overreact and hate on Alex either.
The team did nothing wrong to him IMO, all the contrary... but [I][U]he needed to be a in pride driven mindset[/U][/I] of "let's show every body how wrong they are, how I'll make this one in a million chance work out".
So the fact that he had bad feeling towards those who, legitimately, were [I][U]doubtful and didn't believe he could do it[/U][/I] is understandable.

Now, he definitely should know better, understand the situation, be thankful for the opportunity and walk away with class.

My issue with the media here is we know for a fact they are craving for those kind of stories and have to be [I][U]pushing to get the narrative of the incredible come back story against all odds and even his own coaching staff[/U][/I]... "But Alex, did they support you ? Did you feel like they believed in you ? etc...".[/quote]

You nailed it, all he had to do was say nothing. Sorry but the blame the media angle here is silly. Nobody is making him talk.

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