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Re: WFT Quarterback Thread - Post SEASON 2021

First, everyone needs to give an opinion with Alex Smith.

Obvious to me heís done. He canít be depended on simply because of his health. Itís a great story and Iíd like to see him in the org/staff, but we need to move on and get some cap relief.

Heineken should be brought back, he performed better than at QB Saturday night than anyone else on the roster all year. His mobility and knowledge of system along with his game and half performance earns him a return in a backup capacity.

After these 2 issues are put to bed, I think you review veteran options at QB and you cast the net far and wide to weight Andrew Luck, y not? Call Houston about Watson, why the fuck not? Call Detroit about Stafford, absolutely!

Call Cam and tell him we arenít interested, yup, for sure. Iíll list what I donít want, Cam..Alex...Trubisky...mariota...Derek Carr...

Next I think you then look at the QB class coming out and see if BPA is a QB at 19. Possibly someone you like later in the draft? I wonít be opposed to grab at draft QB who could sit and learn.

I think a fall back option is Kyle Allen. Coming off an injury. I donít know how much interest he will garner, but I think he will be in the mix someway.
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