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Re: Marty Hurney Thread

I see this as a good thing, Ron is thinking first and foremost about organizational structure. He's looking for someone experienced who will see the big picture, and the 2nd banana he's looking at (like a Ryan Cowden, etc.) is somebody who will oversee the scouts and put together the draft board.

Will be interesting to see who he gets to be that 2nd banana. I'm not sure a Ryan Cowden would move from his current spot in Tennessee if it's not for a lead dog type role. Maybe it's still Kyle, who knows.

But either way, Ron is realizing he needs a hierarchy in place. He needs someone who can help him make deals; negotiate on behalf of the organization for both player contracts and trades, and put together the big picture for roster building. And he needs someone to report in to that guy who will put together the draft board and do all the work required to have a strong draft. The preparation for the draft is a job where the horizon is always one year out, and it's too much work to think any differently than that. But the GM needs to be looking 3, maybe 5 years down the road. He can't be bogged down in the draft prep.

In a year where a big QB trade may be the most important decision we make, I don't want an inexperienced draft guru doing the negotiating. I look at this as another step we're taking towards becoming a grown-up organization.
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